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Check out Anna Wess. She’s a kindred spirit if ever there was one, and speaks with a soul protected by the granny-folk. That makes her safe from evil stares and roaming bears. 😉

Appalachian Ink ~ Home of Anna Wess (and Granny)

“Don’t tell ’em about the lights,” Granny had always warned me. “Too many folks out there will blame ’em on the ol’ devil. And they’ll take ya down to the church house and have ya prayed on and think ya got hellions in ya. So just don’t tell ’em.”


I first mentioned the lights to Granny, back before the thoughts of seeing such things might just mean that I was just another strange bird like her, and she said she’d always seen them, too. Whenever trouble or sickness fell, the lights would come calling. And quite frequently, they’d come on bright and happy days, too, just to let us know they were there. Sometimes they’d hover. Sometimes they’d sail through the air like dandelion seeds on a breeze and disappear into the walls or dance upon the cracked ceiling plaster. I’ve seen them since I was a small child; the dainty…

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An apt memorial for the annivesary of D-Day


In fond memory of: SSgt. Jesse E. (Ed) Jackson

Served in WWII, Polar Bear Regiment 85th Division of 5th Army  – 3rd Battalion, 339th.

My grandfather didn’t talk about the depression much except to say, “I was hungry alot.”

The only thing I knew of him was that he was a boxer before the war. He had pictures of himself in the gym holding his entire body perpendicular to a post with just his upper body strength. He liked to talk about boxing and even taught me some moves. He used boxing metaphors to describe and teach me about life.

“Sometimes you have to move backwards to move forward.”

“Keep your chin up – unless you’re boxing, then keep your chin down and let ‘em have it.”

“Lean into the punch and put your weight behind it. If you don’t put your weight behind it, why bother?”

“You know why I…

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Watch the video below and ask yourself, “What have I done today to get that one perfect shot, write that one succinct sentence, or make that one brush stroke that brings it all together?” Everything in life is a process. Art, especially so.

On Assignment from renan ozturk on Vimeo.

Find a way to take the first step toward your goal, then another, and another… Soon, you’ll realize you’ve made progress.

When chasing your dreams, doing something is always better than doing nothing. And, as is often the case, the more you stretch your limits – the more beauty you will capture.

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