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There’s been a record heat wave in the South Eastern United States over the last few days. Yesterday the high temperature was 111 degrees F.  That kind of temperature can result in heat-stroke and even death not just for people, but for God’s smallest creatures.

My husband spotted a hawk sitting on the ground outside my mother’s kitchen window on the hottest day on record for the south east. The hawk was alert and tracking with his eyes, but wobbly and couldn’t stand up on its feet. Obviously, it was in great distress.  I approached it slowly, and it didn’t move.  “It’s ok little guy. You fell to the earth in the right spot, ” I whispered. It’s huge eyes reflected my image, but the hawk didn’t move.

My husband got a water dropper from the house and the bird gobbled down three droppers of cool water. Still, the bird was unable to stand or flap its wings.  The bird wasn’t bleeding, and didn’t struggle as we turned him over to inspect him.  We couldn’t decide if he was sick, had flown into something and been stunned, or had a broken wing. All we knew is that the bird needed help.

My husband got a thick towel and wrapped the bird gently in the towel. The hawk was still lifeless and at this point not struggling at all. It was almost as if the hawk knew we were trying to help it.

My Mom had an old pet carrier. My husband gently put the bird on the floor of the carrier and unwrapped the towel from the bird. The hawk didn’t move and was listless on the bottom of the carrier.

We called the Game Warden in our area who told us to keep the bird in a cool dry place, dropper feed it water, and give it some ground beef until we could get help (which would probably be after the July 4th week was over). He put us in touch with a local vet who referred us to a wild life refuge.

“Red Tail Hawks are not doing too well”, according to a guy we talked to at a local wild life sanctuary, “You’ll definitely want to help it, but we don’t have a permit to handle birds of prey.”

The wild life sanctuary put us in touch with a pet hospital who referred us to Walden’s Puddle. I left a message with my name, number, location and the kind of bird we had.  Within an hour, Becky from Walden’s Puddle called me back. She agreed to meet us half-way and take the bird even though it was after hours. “It must have been meant-to-be! I was ready to leave, had many other calls, but I picked up your call first and saw that it was a Red Tail Hawk. I immediately said, ‘We have to save this bird!’, so I’m calling you back.”

In the car, the hawk began to cool off. It became more lively. It ate the ground beef in the bottom of the carrier, and then started flopping around.  By the time we met Becky, the bird was lively and standing up.

Becky made arrangements for someone to care for her dogs, took her personal time, her personal vehicle, and met us to take custody of the hawk.

She took my name, my mom’s address, the nature of the bird’s problem, and my contact information. “Once the hawk is checked out and we determine it’s healthy, we will return the hawk to its original habitat.”

According to the literature Becky gave me, Walden’s Puddle handles over 2500 animals in “baby season” – May through September. That’s alot of care!

Walden’s Puddle is dong great work. Please check out their website for needs great and small and donate what you can. Wish List

Oh, and if you happen upon a critter in need – CALL IMMEDIATELY -do not email.

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