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No Luck

For any of you who’s EVER tried to play the guitar, check this kid out: Keep in mind that most of Stevie Ray Vaughn’s songs are so difficult to play that most guitarists have an arm that just cramps up after a short while:

Now check out the master playing the same song “Rude Mood”:

I’ve heard people say, “I tried playing guitar, but I just didn’t have any luck with it.”

There’s no luck. There’s only faith that you will succeed and being prepared by practicing…ALOT.

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I’m an avid reader of Michael Hyatt’s blog. His advice is succinct and usually very practical.

This post contains some very useful information for bloggers and writers in general:


You can find out more about Michael Hyatt here.

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Here’s a great video by To-Fu  “29 Ways to Stay Creative”. My favorite is number 14. What’s yours?

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