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I am listening to  ‘I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas’.  However, as a writer, I’m really dreaming of  stress-free marketing.  I was beginning to think it really wasn’t possible. After all, we’re creative types, right? We write. We dream. We create.  We don’t typically think of marketing ideas and remain stress free at the same time.  Thinking about marketing does, on occasion, make me break out in hives.

Renea Winchester was kind enough to speak to the Writers Alliance of Georgia  this week about her new book, “Stress-Free Marketing”.  Her presentation was insightful, helpful, and we breathed a collective sigh of relief after hearing what she had to say.

Renea is on a mission to reach new and emerging authors before they fall into the traps that authors are often unaware of. She lays out the business side of writing in an easy to understand way while providing great marketing ideas that can jump-start a brainstorming session for your own project.

I recommend every writer and every author (even those with agents) read this book. She may just keep a few creative little lambs from getting sheered while giving teeth to your marketing plan.

Writers Alliance of Georgia with Guest Speaker Renea Winchester

From left to right: Beverly Forster, Donna Sundblad, Deborah Malone (sitting), Angie Kinsey, Bela and Christy Krusac, and guest speaker Renea Winchester signing a copy of her new book, “Stress-Free Marketing”. (Present but not in photo: Amy Zajac and John Leonard.)

by Angie Kisney

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