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Thorncraft Publishing is new on the scene. Please check out their booth at  Southern Festival of Books in Nashville, TN on October 11, 2013.

They currently have two books in circulation:

  • “Grace Among the Leavings”” by Beverly Fisher  – launched just this week.
  • “Multiple Exposure” by Shana Thornton  – About the struggles of an Army wife and mother whose husband is deployed.



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"Grace Among the Leavings" by Beverly Fisher

“Grace Among the Leavings” by Beverly Fisher

“My earliest memory is of my Grandma crying. Some news from someone coming up the road was always a source of excitement or sadness. It was hardly ever a thing you’d call lukewarm.” – Grace

The main character in this enchanting novella is a small girl named Grace who’s trying to make a little sense out of big problems. She asks too many questions, and never seems to get the answers she craves….at least not in the way she expects. It’s a sweet southern tale with a twist.

“Grace Among the Leavings”, a Novella, by Beverly Fisher is a good read. And, today, you have a chance to get it FOR FREE.  Leave a reply below, saying you’d like a copy, and we’ll pick one lucky winner to receive a copy of this new book from Thorncraft Publishing.

About the Author:
Beverly Fisher graduated from the University of Memphis and Vanderbilt Law School. She has appeared on “60 Minutes” in an expose about insurance scams. She was a staff attorney for Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee for many years before going into private practice, focusing on Social Security Disability cases. She has climbed Mt. St. Helens and many Mayan pyramids, canoed countless Southern waterways, and hiked a multitude of trails. She lives in Tennessee surrounded by woods, wildlife, creeks, springs, dogs, and love.

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